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Many references say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is a helpful definition of beauty that mentions the diversity of beauty perception. Beauty has no one-sentence definition. Various aspects influence the attractiveness of a person.

Some people would base their opinion about beauty on the abilities and talents of a person.

Some people might describe the attractiveness of a person for their talent in the arts.

Others might perceive the strong character of a person as beautiful.

Moreover, others might see the optimism of a person as attractive.

Many people base their perception of beauty on what they first see.

The first thing that people see is your face. It is the reason why the other basis of beauty perception focuses on your face and skin aesthetics.

Despite the diversity of beauty perception, your appearance significantly takes the center stage. Its proof is the continuously growing and evolving beauty enhancement market.

The evolution of beauty standards also drives the changes in the beauty enhancement market.

The diversity of beauty standards and perceptions differ in various periods, geographic locations, and social circles. More factors influence the changes, diversity, and evolution of beauty standards.

These continuous shifts in beauty standards drive the evolution of the beauty enhancement market.

The current beauty enhancement market will not be how it is now without learnings and progression from its past.

A Glimpse at the Evolution of Beauty Standards and Enhancement

A glimpse into the past of beauty enhancement and the evolution of beauty standards helps you appreciate the current-day options.  

Here is a glimpse into the past of the continuously progressing beauty enhancement market:

The Evolving Pale-Skin Trend  

Lead was a usual ingredient in many beauty enhancement products in the past. One of its effects allowed women to follow a beauty trend. This trend is the pale skin beauty standard.

One of the past pale-skin trends includes lead as an acting ingredient of beauty products. There was even a time when people continued using lead-infused cosmetics despite knowing their health risks.

Additionally, the pale skin trend continued without leading in the spotlight. However, another dangerous substance took over center stage. Arsenic took the highlight of the pale skin trend at some point in the past.

Arsenic is an unhealthy substance. However, there was a part in history when many households exerted effort to extract it for their beauty treatment. For example, many people in the past extracted arsenic from flypaper to get pale skin.

The DIY hacks for arsenic extraction from household products drove manufacturers in making arsenic-based beauty treatments.

Arsenic did the role. People who used commercialized arsenic products got pale skin.

This result is inevitable as it kills red blood cells. People attained pale skin from this substance. However, the pale skin trend was not without any health risks.

Additionally, there was also a part of beauty enhancement history where people used bloodletting to follow the pale skin trend.

Currently, bloodletting angles more on its medical benefits than cosmetics.

Weight Loss Trend in the Past

We cannot talk about the evolution of beauty trends without mentioning the history of weight management.

Weight management trends have significant evolution.

It evolved throughout the years with some parts that would make you feel uncomfortable today. 

 For example, companies in the past took the weight loss beauty trend to the next level with commercialized tapeworms.  

Yes. There was a part in history when people ingested tapeworms.

Companies that sold commercialized tapeworms placed their highlight ingredient in pills. They advertised it in a way that people believed that the tapeworm consumes what they eat. Thus, people trusted the weight management impact of tapeworm ingestion.

Additionally, tight corsets and other forms of clothing have their time in history as weight management solutions.

The modern market offers safe options for weight management. It does not include pills with parasites to consume what you eat.

Permanent Adverse Health Impact from the Glow Trend

There was a point in the past when glowing was a beauty trend. Radium was the highlight ingredient of many cosmetics products a few decades ago. It was the ingredient that allowed its consumers to glow. 

Knowledge about its adverse health effects was still unavailable during that period.

Even non-cosmetics products contained radium during that time.

For example, watch manufacturers incorporated radium-filled paint in their products. The health risks occur when women who worked for them ingested this paint indirectly.

Women took the job as watch-dial painters due to many reasons. It includes the high pay and glows effects on workers.

Women who worked as dial painters glow after a day at work. It showed on their teeth and dress.

Women got glowing teeth from using their mouths to enhance the tip of their brushes. It allowed precise painting on the watch dials.

However, women who took this position started getting sick.

A court ruling declared that their excessive radium exposure and unhealthy work environment adversely impacted their health. Some of the effects of excessive radium exposure include osteonecrosis in the jaw.

At present, you only need makeup with safe ingredients to make you achieve a glow.

Cosmetics manufacturers are under the supervision and regulation of consumer laws. Moreover, the FDA has the power to request the pull-out of products that have health risks.

What Does Modern Beauty Enhancement Look Like?

The beauty enhancement market today is safer and more diverse than its predecessors.

It has multiple participants that are also subject to shifts.

Some of its participants include cosmetics producers, beauty salons, surgeons, and medical spas. Every participant in this market has unique offers.

Cosmetic manufacturers use different active ingredients in their products. Some of them target skin aging problems. Others offer complexion improvement and acne prevention features.

Additionally, beauty salons offer make-up or hair styling services to their clients. 

Different modern-day salons differ in offers and styles.

Moreover, some people get the help of cosmetic surgeons or plastic surgeons for long-term aesthetic improvement.

People who seek plastic surgery want to resolve the adverse aesthetic effect of their injury or congenital disease.

Alternatively, people get cosmetic surgery for aesthetic enhancement purposes. Its procedures are not corrective unlike the focus of plastic surgery.

Another option in the modern beauty enhancement market entails medical aesthetic treatments. It also offers long-term results. Moreover, it centers on medical-grade products and services with less to nil risk for scarring.

Furthermore, medical spas offer a variety of minimally invasive beauty treatment options to their patients. The offers vary from one medical spa to another.

You are lucky to have multiple safe beauty treatment options regardless of which offer a participant chooses.  

You Are Lucky To Live in This Era Because

You are lucky to live in a period where consumer laws and regulatory bodies for products and services exist.

These laws guide and protect consumers from harmful ingredients in products and services.

As mentioned, the FDA is a regulatory body that helps enforce consumer safety from products and services sold in the market. 

An FDA-approved beauty enhancement product used by medical aesthetic clinics is Botox. Botox is a safe neurotoxin that resolves various skin aesthetic issues. It resolves wrinkles and fine lines. The effects of this beauty enhancement treatment vary on the skill of the aesthetic injector.

Ensure you only get your aesthetic injections from skillful and experienced medical practitioners.  

The medical practitioners of Skinfluencers Medspa have a team of skillful and passionate experts. They can help you attain your beauty goals with all the benefits of medical aesthetic treatments.

Why Choose Medical Spas for Your Beauty Treatments?

Medical spas offer a diversified collection of beauty treatments. Every option has its specific target and effect.

Additionally, med spas offer medical-grade products and services to their patients. Medical aesthetics treatments use medical-grade products and tools for their beauty enhancement services. A medical practitioner with updated training and years of experience also enhances the safety of med spa clients.

Also, patients get better results from medical-grade products and services. They get more noticeable and long-lasting aesthetic improvement results.

Moreover, medical spas offer a relaxing environment to their patients. Medical spa clients return because of the relaxing ambiance of medical aesthetic clinics.

Skinfluencers Medspa is the place to be if you want multiple beauty enhancement treatment options. It understands the uniqueness of every patient. Also, it designs a specialized treatment plan for every patient.

Beauty Enhancement Treatments You Need to Try from Skin Influencer Medspa 

Skinfluencers Medspa understands the uniqueness of every aesthetic concern. Its medical aesthetic practitioners ensure you get a personalized treatment plan for your beauty goals.

Here are some need-to-try beauty enhancement treatments from Skinfluencers Medspa in Illinois:

Platinum Hydrafacial

The Platinum Hydrafacial treatment from Skinfluencers Medspa has multiple aesthetic enhancement benefits. It helps enhance the appearance of skin texture irregularities, age lines, and hyperpigmentation issues. Moreover, it improves enlarged pores and oily skin.

This treatment provides an even-tone complexion and even skin texture. Moreover, it helps lighten dark spots.

IPL Photo Facial

The IPL Photo Facial is the possible solution to your struggle with age spots and other skin discolorations.

It uses heat to eliminate excessive melanin on the treatment site.

Additionally, it helps you get tighter skin.

Aesthetic Injections

Skinfluencers Medspa offers multiple aesthetic injection treatments to its diversified patients. Every aesthetic injection treatment offers beauty enhancement benefits.

For example, dermal fillers are helpful solutions to stubborn saggy skin and wrinkles. Also, it helps with lip and cheek enhancement.

Also, Botox injections are safe neurotoxin treatments that help reduce age lines on the treatment site. It blocks muscle contraction signals from the brain.

Also, it results in smoother and younger-looking skin. 

Botox is an FDA-approved product. Other medical fields use this safe product for non-cosmetic treatment.  


Skinfluencers Medspa customizes your peel treatment to meet your aesthetic goals. 

Medical practitioners have relevant experience and education regarding medical-grade products and services. 

Their expertise ensures your safety with this beauty enhancement treatment. Moreover, these medical-grade products produce more potent results.

Get noticeable aesthetic improvement after a peel treatment from Skinfluencers Medspa.

IV Therapy

Skinfluencers Medspa supports the idea that beauty is from ideal health conditions. It offers IV Therapy to its patients for this purpose.

Its intravenous application allows faster absorption of helpful nutrients your body needs. 

The benefits of this medical aesthetic treatment include better energy levels and sleep quality. Moreover, it helps you attain an enhanced mood and better skin aesthetics.


The online search for microneedling near me is over when you find Skinfluencers Medspa.

The Microneedling treatment from Skinfluencers Medspa offers a minimally invasive beauty enhancement treatment that resolves many skin aging signs.

It induces collagen production in the treatment area through a safe microneedling device.

Collagen is a helpful substance that your body produces. 

Collagen production slows as you age. It is part of the inevitable aging process.

Collagen makes your skin hydrated and elastic. Significantly low collagen levels result in highly noticeable saggy skin and age lines.

A collagen production boost helps reduce the appearance of stubborn fine lines and wrinkles.

Laser Treatment

No need to search for laser treatment near me when you are in Illinois. Skinfluencers Medspa offers you the Soprano hair removal treatment.

This laser treatment is ideal for lighter complexions and dark-haired individuals. 

However, it also produces excellent results for other skin types.

It is a minimally invasive beauty enhancement treatment that lasts less than an hour. It is an ideal full-body hair removal treatment.

The Skinfluencers You Need from a Med Spa in Illinois

Skinfluencers Medspa focuses its efforts on the uniqueness of every patient. It devises personalized treatment plans for its diversified patients.

They also help you understand your options through their professionally managed website. 

It partners with Really Good Content to help you understand the beauty enhancement offers of this modernized med spa.

Its multiple beauty enhancement options help the team curate the perfect personalized treatment plan for you.

Get unique beauty enhancement treatments from medical practitioners through Skinfluencers Medspa in Illinois.

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