Why Choose a Medspa in Illinois for Your Microneedling and Other Skin Aging Treatments This June 2023?

With some minor adjustments, you start improving your confidence and feeling great about yourself. Having the right aesthetic enhancement solutions for your beauty goals gives you the power to create any sort of look that gives you the best result and boost your self-esteem.

There are many aesthetic enhancement options in the market today.

Some consider non-invasive medical aesthetic treatments such as microneedling therapy, aesthetic injections, or OTC skincare. Others opt for surgery.

The Many Options of Beauty Enhancement Today

Beauty enhancement has come a long way in the past few decades. Nowadays there are a variety of treatments and products available to help people enhance their appearance ranging from injectable fillers, lasers, facials, and more. These technologies have made it easier to achieve the desired results without having to go through invasive surgery or spend large amounts of money. Additionally, newer techniques such as Microneedling or professional-grade chemical peels offer people an array of options that do not require a long recovery period. With so many options available for beauty enhancement today, it becomes easier than ever for individuals to find solutions that work with their particular needs and budget.

Here are discussions about some of your beauty enhancement options today:

DIY Beauty Enhancement

Homemade beauty treatments have a variety of benefits for the skin and potentially lead to improved overall health and well-being. Homemade beauty treatments provide you with cost and time savings while allowing you to make custom solutions tailored to your specific needs. It also offers easy access to natural, sustainable ingredients which are often less harmful than those found in store-bought products. Furthermore, homemade treatments can provide a greater sense of control over the ingredients used.

However, it has its disadvantages. For example, it includes allergic reactions and skin damage.

OTC Skincare and Makeup

OTC skincare offers non-invasive beauty enhancement. It includes beauty creams, serums, blush-on, and more.

Skincare products may take longer to produce results.

On the other hand, makeup is not permanent as it disappears within a day or two.


Surgery offers long-term results to patients. The results of this beauty enhancement option last for weeks to years.

However, it poses scar risks to patients.

Medical Aesthetic Treatments

Medical aesthetic treatments consist of diversified treatment options for a variety of skin health and beauty concerns.

Among the treatment options target an array of skin aging symptoms.

What is Skin Aging?

Skin aging is the process of skin deterioration over time due to external and internal factors. It consists of symptoms such as loss of firmness, wrinkles, and an increase in skin discoloration. It happens gradually over time depending on your diet, lifestyle, and genetics. External factors such as UVA and UVB rays from the sun accelerate the rate of skin aging and increase its severity. Internal factors such as hormonal changes or lack of nutrients in the body can also lead to aging skin. However, with proper care, you effectively delay the signs of aging on your face for many years.

A trusted med spa in Illinois that offers an array of treatment options for skin aging problems is Skinfluencers Medspa. Among these options include microneedling therapy.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling therapy is a form of treatment that involves the use of small needles to puncture the skin. This process helps improve the skin's complexion and texture by stimulating collagen production. The tiny needle-like device also encourages faster healing and promotes cell regeneration. It treats a variety of conditions, including wrinkles, scars, pigmentation spots, hair loss, and sun damage. Additionally, microneedling is a helpful preventative measure against premature aging and other effects associated with UV light exposure.

Why Select Skinfluencers Medspa for Your Microneedling and Other Skin Aging Treatments?

Skinfluencers Medspa has a team of skillful and passionate medical aesthetic practitioners. These team members have years of experience with various medical aesthetic treatments including Microneedling therapy.

Moreover, Skinfluencers Medspa uses up-to-date tools for safe beauty enhancement services.

Other Skin Health and Aesthetic Concerns Where Skinfluencers Medspa Offers Solutions To

Skin health and aesthetic issues are a major concern among many people today. From acne to wrinkles, there are a variety of health and aesthetic issues that affect anyone's appearance and self-confidence. Whether it be due to genetics, lifestyle, or the environment, these issues range from mild to severe depending on the extent of the issue. Thankfully, there are many different treatments available that help individuals improve their skin health and restore their youthful appearance. From laser treatments to OTC creams, people have options when it comes to treating their skin issues. Here are some types of skin health and aesthetic issues experienced by people today where Skinfluencers Medspa provides an array of solutions to:

Acne and Acne Scars

Acne is a skin condition that affects the oil glands of the skin, causing pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads to form mainly around the face, neck, and back. It results from the accumulation of dead skin cells which accumulate in pores and then mix with oils produced naturally by your body, leading to bacterial growth which causes inflammation. Acne has an adverse impact not only on one's physical appearance but also on one's mental health as well. Treatment options for acne are different and there are both short-term solutions as well as long-term solutions depending on the severity of the condition.

Also, one of the disadvantages of acne involves its risk of producing a permanent mark on your skin. That is in the form of acne scars.

Skinfluencers Medspa offers an array of solutions against acne and acne scars.


Hyperpigmentation is an umbrella term used to describe a build-up of melanin in the skin due to increased production or accumulation of melanin. This pigment, normally found in the skin, protects from damaging UV radiation. When there is too much melanin produced or present over extended periods, it may lead to dark patches or spots on the skin known as hyperpigmentation. This condition can occur in any area of the body - some areas are particularly prone due to higher sun exposure - including the face, neck, chest, and arms. It can even affect scars and other trauma sites such as acne marks.


Wrinkles are lines and creases that appear on your skin as you age. As the skin gradually loses its elasticity, it becomes prone to wrinkles which occur due to a combination of sun exposure, muscle movements over time, and other environmental factors. While wrinkles are unavoidable, there are several ways to reduce their appearance. It includes using moisturizers with SPF, avoiding excess sun exposure, eating a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables, and regularly using anti-wrinkle creams that help improve skin texture.

The Many Treatment Options from Skinfluencers Medspa

Self-esteem is among the aspects that skin health and aesthetic issues significantly impact.

The physical appearance of our skin has a major impact on self-esteem. Skin aesthetic problems potentially disturb a person’s perceived beauty, lead to low self-confidence, and significantly interfere with social and personal relationships. Aesthetically displeasing conditions such as acne, dryness, discoloration, wrinkles, scarring, and age spots cause individuals to feel stigmatized or incur psychological discomfort.

People with low self-esteem experience different disadvantages in life.

Low self-esteem is a state of mind wherein an individual has an opinion of themselves and their abilities. People who have low self-esteem often feel inadequate and internalize unfavorable events, leading to feelings of worthlessness, guilt, and depression. Those with low self-esteem tend to have difficulty making decisions or taking risks due to a fear of making mistakes or getting an adverse judgment from others. Low self-esteem has long-lasting effects on an individual’s relationships and ability to succeed in life. 

One of the ways to boost your self-esteem is through beauty enhancement. A small act of makeup application or a trip to the salon does a great job with confidence.  

Skinfluencers Medspa offers an array of solutions for your skin health and aesthetic issues.

Skinfluencers Medspa: A Trusted Med Spa in Illinois 

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Skinfluencers Medspa is a trusted medspa in Illinois offering skin aging treatments which include Microneedling therapy. Moreover, it offers safe laser treatments to its patients in Illinois.

It is a diversified vitae med spa that offers an array of aesthetic enhancement services.

Among these options include aesthetic injections. These medical aesthetic services entail facial fillers and Dysport.

Moreover, it offers an array of aesthetic enhancement services. It includes Platinum Hydrafacial, Deluxe Hydrafacial, IV Therapy, and more.

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Skinfluencers Medspa helps you attain your beauty goals with minimal scar risks. Moreover, it offers you lasting results.

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