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Beauty has many faces. However, the face and the other factors about physical appearance are not the only way to perceive it.

Others perceive the beauty of a person through their abilities. For example, some people describe the creativity of a person as attractive. 

Additionally, others might describe the attractiveness of a person through their public speaking skills. 

Moreover, some might admire the singing voice of a person.

However, the physical aspect of beauty has a significant impact. 

Many people who have problems with their skin aesthetics struggle with self-esteem issues. Some of them spend years under the belief that others are better than them. These are some of the characteristics of low self-esteem.

Low self-esteem has multiple impacts on the quality of life of a person. 

For example, it prevents a person from actively participating in social events. They might miss these gatherings due to insecurity. This insecurity can result from a scar, mole, acne breakouts, or age spots. 

It prevents a person from reaching their full potential at work. Imagine the lost opportunities from unshared helpful ideas during brainstorming sessions at work. It would have been the breakthrough idea that increased the chances of a promotion at work. 

Skin health and aesthetic issues have the power to unfavorably impact social relationships, productivity, and other life aspects. 

The problem with skin health and aesthetic issues is their inevitability. There will always be a chance that a person will experience at least one of these phenomena. 

Additionally, skin aging adds to the inevitability of aesthetic problems.

Many people rely on beauty enhancement products and services for these concerns. Beauty enhancement has a rich history.  

The Colorful and Rich History of Beauty Enhancement

Beauty has many faces in the history of aesthetic enhancement. Others include a dark past that caused permanent unfavorable health effects. 

Here are some parts of the beauty enhancement industry history: 

Ancient Egyptians and Their All-Time Famous Eye Make-up

Was there a period where you used black eyeliner around your eyes? 

The Ancient Egyptians were among the first to use this cosmetic trend.

However, it did not only serve as an aesthetic enhancement tool. Instead, it also worked as a protection against the UV rays from the sun.

Sunscreen was not yet available in the ancient period. People relied on natural resources to protect them from the sun. 

The powdered natural mineral that turned into kohl were the ones that give the dark black pigment of the ancient Egyptian eye makeup. 

A powdered natural substance containing lead transformed into kohl. 

It is the dark black pigment that became the centerpiece of ancient Egyptian eye makeup. 

However, lead is a dangerous substance. 

Ancient period knowledge did not contain modern-day ones. It includes the adverse health impact of lead poisoning. 

The Pale Skin Trend with Lead-Infused Make-up

Various parts of history included different beauty enhancement products and services that help people achieve pale skin. 

Many people perceive pale skin as a status symbol. The higher class does not need to work under the sun for the entire day. It means they do not tan from the sun. 

One of the pale-skin aesthetic improvement trends was lead-infused products. 

For example, people combined lead and vinegar to make ceruse. It made women look pale and beautiful in the past. 

People continued using this lead-infused cosmetic product because they did not know its adverse health impact. Others continued using ceruse even after the discovery of its unfavorable health effects. 

Arsenic Wafers for a Blemish-free Face

Arsenic was once a beauty enhancement industry favorite. 

The companies got the inspiration for the arsenic wafers from DIY beauty tricks. 

The former arsenic wafer manufacturing companies noticed that many women created arsenic-based beauty treatments at home. 

From this homemade hack, companies came up with arsenic wafers.

They did not know about its adverse health effects on the public during that time. 

Cancer Risks from X-Ray Beauty Treatments

There was a period when knowledge about the cancer risks from excessive x-ray exposure was unavailable. 

The x-ray machine had multiple uses during its early life. People took x-ray exposure for skin blemish removal. 

People used x-ray machines for hair removal after noticing significant hair loss in the areas people got skin blemish treatment. 

The excessive and repetitive x-ray hair removal sessions led to increased cancer risks for patients. 

Glowing Beauty

There was a part of beauty enhancement where people who glowed were beautiful. It still does in some social cultures and other aspects. 

However, the former glow trend a few decades ago posed an adverse health impact on patients. It even led to permanent teeth and jaw loss. 

It was the period manufacturers infused radium in various cosmetic and non-cosmetic products. 

People who worked for a watch manufacturing company worked as dial painters. Women took this role. It paid higher than average. 

These people loved that their teeth and dresses glowed after work. 

However, the radium-infused paint used provided excessive exposure to this harmful substance. 

Sanitized Tapeworm-filled Pills

Weight is also a factor considered for judging beauty. 

A part of the beauty enhancement history included commercialized tapeworm-filled pills for weight management. 

They even advertised these products as cleaner versions than the ones found in the natural environment. 

Current weight management supplements and treatments do not focus on parasites as active ingredients. 

Some of the current focuses of weight loss treatments are metabolism boosters and appetite suppressants. 

Your Options Today

You now live in an era where beauty enhancement is safe due to various modern-day forces. 

These forces include consumer laws and regulatory organizations. Moreover, the multiple beauty enhancement products and service providers offer many choices to the market. 

Here are some of your modern-day beauty enhancement options. 

Do-it-yourself Beauty Enhancement

Some prefer to use natural ingredients for their skincare routine. It includes those that anyone finds inside their homes. 

It can be fruits, supplies, and other items. The imagination of the person is the limit. 

For example, some people use tape for temporary and short-term mild line reduction. 

Some people mix ingredients they find in their kitchen for scrubs, face masks, and exfoliators. 

DIY beauty treatments are not without any risks.

These risks include infection, immediate sunburns, permanent skin damage, and allergic reactions. 


Make-up offers the fastest aesthetic enhancement results to people. It works as a cover for skin health and aesthetic problems.

However, it is the least permanent of all options in beauty enhancement.

OTC Skin Care Products

The OTC skincare products are the ones you buy without needing a prescription. It includes face creams, lotion, eye masks, and anti-aging creams.

It offers a minimally invasive way to get better skin aesthetics. However, it might take longer to see visible results.


Some people who want highly noticeable beauty enhancement decide to go under the knife. However, surgery poses scar risks.

Ensure you get your surgery from a licensed and skillful doctor.

Medical Aesthetic Treatments

Medical aesthetic treatments offer medical-grade beauty enhancement without needing surgery.

An example of a medical aesthetic clinic you can trust for minimally invasive treatments is Skinfluencers Medspa.

Minimally Invasive Beauty Enhancement Treatments from Skinfluencers Medspa

Skinfluencers Medspa offers you many minimally invasive beauty enhancement options.

Here are some of its offers to the market: 

Laser Treatments

You do not need to search for laser treatment near me. Skinfluencer Medspa offers this painless beauty enhancement service to its patients. 


The search ends after finding Skinfluencers Medspa after searching about the med spa in Illinois that offers microneedling near me. 

Microneedling is one of the trending beauty treatments offered in the aesthetic enhancement market. 

It uses the blood from a patient to induce collagen production in the treatment area. Collagen is one of the crucial substances produced by your body to make you look younger. 

Many supplements include collagen in their ingredients. Many of these products promise skin health and aesthetic improvement.

Aesthetic Injections

Skinfluencers Medspa is the med spa Illinois clinic to get your aesthetic injections.

Aesthetic injections vary in the products used.

Some works are brain signal blockers against muscle contractions. It results in smoother-looking skin. 

Alternatively, other aesthetic injection products work as volume-adding agents. 

Dermal fillers also vary in active ingredients. Some of them include hyaluronic acid. It is also a natural substance produced by your body.

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Moreover, it offers non-surgical beauty improvement treatments that last for months. 

Additionally, the medical expertise of the Skinfluencers Medspa team allows you to get safe beauty enhancement services. 

Get beautiful skin before the year ends. 

Welcome the New Year with a genuine smile after getting potent solutions to your beauty problems. 

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